money essentials

An interactive, relaxed 2-hour workshop designed to cover the basics of budgeting and managing money in a simple, accessible format

How to run this course

The Leader’s Guide contains all the information you need to organise, structure, and run a workshop. The download also includes any handouts that are needed for the session.

The course is designed for smaller groups and is structured as a single two-hour session with breaks.

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Understanding your relationship with money &

Creating a budget

Earning, spending, saving

Thinking about debt &

Managing your money day-to-day

A single-session basic budgeting workshop

The workshop starts by exploring how guests feel about their financial situation and then quickly introduces the Budget Builder tool, looking in detail at how to create a budget that works for each guest.

After a short break, guests start to think about their priorities and spending habits, and together we look at ways of saving money. We also look briefly at the importance of starting a savings habit.

Finally, we look at the issue of debt and how to deal with it, and close by focussing on practical methods for managing our bills and day-to-day payments using the Piggy Banking technique.

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Money Essentials Guest Handbook

The Money Essentials Handbook is every guest’s indispensable companion to the workshop. Containing all the notes and exercises from the session itself, it is also an invaluable reference tool for the guest to use after the session.

We recommend that printed copies are ordered for each guest, but a low-res downloadable version is also available.

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The Money Course is not a debt remedy but there is help
avaliable if you are struggling with your debts.