money course

A transformational budgeting and money education resource designed to equip guests with the tools they need to get on top of their finances

How to run this course

The course can either be run in full as six interactive modules, or as a condensed version by omitting modules one and five. Both options are modular in design with each module designed to take one-hour. Most commonly the course is run two modules at a time over three sessions (or two sessions if running the condensed version). However it can also be run as a series of single one-hour sessions.

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Money Course Guest Handbook

The Money Course Handbook is every guest’s indispensable companion to the course. Containing all the notes and exercises from the course itself, it is also an invaluable reference tool for the guest to use after the course.

We recommend that printed copies are ordered for each guest, but a low-res downloadable version is also available.

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The Money Course is not a debt remedy but there is help
avaliable if you are struggling with your debts.